The Definitive Guide to Intruder Alarms

Because of the people’s need to achieve safety in their homes, today, there are sin any types of security systems that exist in the market and that includes intruder alarms. Due to the steeping demand of this intruder alarms, consumers are often confused on what to buy. To address this issue, this article will bring to you the most efficient buyer’s guide to intruder alarms that will discuss the extensive overview of the security system, its types and the ideas to help you pick the correct and appropriate alarms for your homes. An ideal choice is made when you know something about what you buy. So, read on and learn.

Why buy an Intruder Alarm?

If you check on the statistical figure, burglary has become one of the criminal offense found on the tip list which is why if you need an optimum protection, an intruder alarm is direly needed to reduce the risk in becoming a victim. Purchasing this kind of security system is an investment to establish a simple way of protecting you and your family from security threats. According to the police, the overall number of burglary has dropped and the plausible reason is the existence of this security system. It’s recommended that you hire a reputable installer to install intruder alarm system, professional security companies including All Security Solutions, specialise in installing these systems, fully protecting your home.

What are the Different kinds of Intruder alarms?

  1. Audible Alarm

This kind of alarm is also referred to bells only alarm which means it rings aloud to alert the household and neighborhood when there is an intrusion. This is considered to be a Type B alarm where the police or authorities will just attend to the alarm when there is further and clear indication that a crime or break happened.


  1. Speech Dialer

This is the best option when you want to be alerted if your alarm goes off when you are not around. The speech dialer works by linking to your existing alarm system—first, you input the telephone number of the people you want to contact in case of intrusion and you record a voice message into the speech dialer. When the alarm goes on because of an intrusion, this voice message will be sent to these people and they are the ones who can stop the dialer to contact any of the next numbers by pressing some codes in their phone. Like the audible alarm, this is also considered as Type B alarm.


  1. Remotely Monitored Alarm

This is the excellent intruder alarm system which is considered by the authorities as Type A. The remotely monitored alarm works by connecting to an Alarm Receiving Center, a central station manned 24 hours via a telephone line or mobile network. It does not only alert the household and the receiving Center about a specified break in but it also sends signal when the alarm is set or unset, when a smoke is detected in the place or when a system power-cut is experienced. The good thing about this intruder alarm is, it verifies the specific alarm signals and takes the required action to the problem. It not just alerts the owner and the key holders but also the Police or the fire brigade.