Dealing with an old house and the available options


If you want to reallocate to a new place, there are a number of options available to you, which you can do with your existing house or your existing flat in an apartment. But if you want to reallocate, for job or something else, you must talk to a real estate agent, who can help you to find a same kind of living place for you at a price within your budget.

Deal with old house

If you are from London, finding some real Estate Agents in London is not going to be difficult. You have two options, which you can do with your old house, if you are looking for reallocation in a different place.

Giving it to tenants

If you want to leave your old home, you can use it to earn money, by giving it to the tenants. The tenants, who are in need of a suitable house at your location will hire your house for living, and they will pay a certain amount of money every month or every year. The amount that they would pay is a matter of negotiation between you and the tenant. If you have multiple houses, it can be hired by tenants, and you can get a hefty amount of money at the end of every month or year, which can be a good source of extra income.

Selling the house

If you want to build a new house by selling the present one, you need a huge amount of money at once, because you to pay the same amount of money for purchasing a new home or a new house at a different place. Thus, in such circumstances you should not your house to the tenants but instead sell your house to any of the persons, who need the house at your location. You can ask for the money at once, or you can ask for the money in instalments, depending upon your requirement and also by finding which one is suitable for you. To give your old house a better chance of selling fast, you should consider getting a bathroom remodel. This will hopefully bring up the houses value.

To give your old house a better chance of selling fast, you should consider getting a bathroom remodel. This will hopefully bring up the houses value.

Role of real estate agents

In both the two places, which are mentioned above, you should talk to Harlands London estate agents, as they can make the process of selling and buying a lot easier compared to others, ensure to get a great mortgage broker such as Harding Mortgages. But when you are contacting with estate agents, you should make sure that they will ask for a certain amount of money as commission, when they will be saving or renting houses to the tenants. For example, if you are selling your house for $10,000, the real estate agent will certainly deduct £1000-£1500 from it. The value is a matter to change depending upon different aspects.

Doing it alone

But if you do not want to rely upon the real estate agents, you can sell it on your own, but you will have to find your own customers by yourself, which can be a difficult task. Plus, if you don’t know anyone in the industry. You may have difficulties answering questions such as, ‘how to secure an empty property from vandals‘ thankfully we’ve just linked you a great resource for that! Though, if you find your customer yourself, you will not have to pay any commission to the real estate agent, which means the company profit on the money with you get will be yours. Thus, you can search for your own for some time, and then approached a real estate agent.